"moments of truth" ...

visual impressions of humans / captured authentic "theatre"-like performances that want to show real emotions.

the images are inspired by streetphotography with that special scenic and improvised look and feel.


"desolation angels"


follow the protagonists through this bittersweet voyage and see men and women that are smart, seductive and lost rebels at the same time

visit desolate places & broken backstreets - where heaven is one step ahead and hell is one step behind... ready...?




"the lost ones"...

is an effort of Reflexion About the impacts that social media has on human life. questions to be answered by you - the viewer - are for example:

how are we influenced by the overwhelming amount of beauty and happiness in the social networks?

who determines the established values?

what means "being popular"?

is there a difference between real Life and a Virtual life?

Do you use social media or Does social media use you?


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